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Thrill-Pix™ System Considerations

Jackson Digital is a software manufacturer and hardware integrator specializing in imaging solutions for the tourism industry. Our Thrill-Pix software product line provides integrated solutions for both automated photography (i.e. ride photography) and manual photography. Its open-ended architecture enables a wide variety of uses, including custom and one-of-a-kind imaging applications.

We offer two ways of doing business: profit sharing and software license sales. Some countries and/or cities may have restrictions on their options. Profit sharing agreements are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Software license sales are normally presented in combination with an entire integrated system as a Cost Estimate or Quote. Our Quotes are fully itemized showing hardware, software and an installation estimate. Since we utilize off-the-shelf hardware whenever possible, we offer our clients the option to purchase hardware directly from their local manufacturers and distributors. This can lead to substantial cost savings, particularly for our clients outside of the U.S.A.

Please call a sales representative at +1-928-757-8837 to discuss your photo opportunity and request a quote!
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